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Our Paper is specifically designed to reproduce High Photographic Quality digital images. Photo Paper Premium Weight has the same feel and whiteness of standard resin coated photographic paper used in premium film processing. Long Lasting Images Ideal for everyday use: brilliant colors on a glossy photo quality paper. Instant drying and water resistant paper. Best results at 1440 dpi. for photographic pictures.

Sliding Cards

Send unique greeting cards your family will love!

Your friends and family will have never received anything like this! These amazing greeting cards combine two pictures in one. Simply pull the flap and the first picture turns into the second.

And you choose the pictures! You could use photographs of you and your spouse, images of your children, or snaps of your two pet dogs! It's fun, it's easy, and your family will simply love it!

Each sliding card templates contains two separate pieces: a photo-quality ink jet paper micro-perforated to create the paddle template, and a special frame printed with your own design or message -- or you can choose one of our pre-cut frames in a variety of colors and textures.

Making cards has never been so much fun -- and neither has receiving them. Order yours now!

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Sliding cards    

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Sliding cards - Custom gift card - Custom Invitation - Unique Christmas card Sliding cards - Custom gift card - Custom Invitation - Unique Christmas card

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